Geothermal Heating & Cooling is Very Efficient

Geothermal energy is amid some of the most efficient heating and cooling options available to business and home owners alike. Contrary to a traditional combustion furnace or electric heaters which can ONLY obtain a maximum of 100% efficiency if it circumstances are perfect, converting one unit of energy input into one unit of heat output, a geothermal system works 3 to 5 times better. This all creates lower energy costs for you, since you are obtaining so much more heating output.

But not only will a geothermal unit assist you in saving money, it'll also help you lower your footprint on the environment. Without using any combustion, there aren’t any environmental dangers that are affiliated with it. After you dig down a few feet, the ground temperature stays pretty fixed all through the year. By installing a geothermal unit, you are grabbing this temperature and employing it to supply the heating and cooling your home needs.

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