Geothermal Retrofits

If you are residing in the Hattiesburg area and are needing to retrofit or replace your existing heating and cooling system, then a geothermal system is the best option for you. More and more people are learning just how adaptable geothermal systems are for retrofit or replacement applications. Geothermal technological advancements have helped countless home owners save money and improve their home appliances efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits that people are discovering:

  • Geothermal systems have continued to be at the top of the industry, because they have supplied home owners with an amazing amount of energy conservation, eco-friendly, and economical heating & cooling solution.
  • For most geothermal units, especially for those systems replacing an existing forced-air system, the installation process is a breeze.
  • Geothermal systems are the best choice for areas where fossil fuel furnaces are unfitting because there is no combustion and as a result, no need to vent exhaust gases.
  • A Geothermal system makes heating your rooms that much simpler with In-floor radiant heating. Rooms can be heated by distributing hot water through pipes underneath your floors.

If you're living in the Hattiesburg area, contact us, the experts American Air Specialists about how we can help you retrofit or replace your current heating and cooling system. We'll talk with you about all the benefits of a geothermal retrofit or replacement.