Its almost fall in Hattiesburg, time for maintenance on your geothermal equipment.

You did a great deal of digging, maybe even reached out to us at American Air Specialists, found the best geothermal system for your Hattiesburg home, had the dependable staff at American Air Specialists set up your brand new [[heating and cooling|geothermal107] unit, and now that you have had it for a year or so, it’s time for autumn maintenance. (We all know [[targetlocation winters can be hard.)

Routine maintenance before major use, such as wintertime in Hattiesburg, is key to getting the best from your geothermal heating & cooling system. The easiest things are air filters. Like many air filters, your geothermal air filters can take a hit from the debris in your air. Annual cleaning or disposal of old filters will keep your compressor operating perfecty and minimize the buildup of udesirable particulates. While we think, D-I-Y is a good way to save [[time and money|time|money]4 maintenance on your system is best left to the experts. What can you expect when you set up your autumn tune up with American Air Specialists? We...

  • Replace or top off the coolant in your system. (If your system requires coolant.)
  • Inspect the outdoor pipes if a hole is suspected.
  • Lubricate the moving items, like the fans and pump.
  • examine, and if needed, tighten electrical connections.
  • If you have an open loop system, an acid flush is needed to remove mineral and debris deposits.
  • And other small checks that may be specific to your unit

Maintenance on your Hattiesburg unit is important not only for your system, but for your contentment. Remember, your geothermal system isn’t just what is in your home, it is the plumbing and pipes underground. Annual service help your system stay efficient and last longer. Routine maintenance can also catch items that need to be replaced before they break, such as the fans and pumps.

Regardless the geothermal system that you chose, maintenance in the fall in Hattiesburg is the best time to get your system checked for the fridged months of winter. Keeping your system running well will help cut energy charges and prevent huge breaks in the future. Call us today to get your geothermal system prepared for fall.